0 active 1 Public ARFF 2014-01-04T21:55:06Z LEV Out1 public 2 set target feature 1 https://www.openml.org/data/download/53563/LEV.arff **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - Date unknown **Please cite**: 1. Title: Lecturers Evaluation (Ordinal LEV) 2. Source Informaion: Donor: Arie Ben David MIS, Dept. of Technology Management Holon Academic Inst. of Technology 52 Golomb St. Holon 58102 Israel abendav@hait.ac.il Owner: Yoav Ganzah Business Administration School Tel Aviv Univerity Ramat Aviv 69978 Israel 3. Past Usage: 4. Relevant Information The LEV data set contains examples of anonymous lecturer evaluations, taken at the end of MBA courses. Before receiving the final grades, students were asked to score their lecturers according to four attributes such as oral skills and contribution to their professional/general knowledge. The single output was a total evaluation of the lecturer’s performance. LEV 2014-01-07T01:46:49Z