Public 2015-01-01T21:26:05Z dbworld-bodies-stemmed 1 0 2015-01-08T14:55:32Z ARFF 0 3 **Author**: Michele Filannino **Source**: UCI **Please cite**: * Dataset: DBworld e-mails data set Task: dbworld-bodies-stemmed * Source: Michele Filannino, PhD University of Manchester Centre for Doctoral Training Email: * Data Set Information: I collected 64 e-mails from DBWorld newsletter and I used them to train different algorithms in order to classify between 'announces of conferences' and 'everything else'. I used a binary bag-of-words representation with a stopword removal pre-processing task before. * Attribute Information: Each attribute corresponds to a precise word or stem in the entire data set vocabulary (I used bag-of-words representation). * Relevant Papers: Michele Filannino, 'DBWorld e-mail classification using a very small corpus', Project of Machine Learning course, University of Manchester, 2011. public active Class dbworld-bodies-stemmed