Public baseball ARFF "Player" 795 **Author**: Jeffrey S. Simonoff **Source**: [AnalCatData]( - 2003 **Please cite**: Jeffrey S. Simonoff, Analyzing Categorical Data, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2003 Database of baseball players and play statistics, including 'Games_played', 'At_bats', 'Runs', 'Hits', 'Doubles', 'Triples', 'Home_runs', 'RBIs', 'Walks', 'Strikeouts', 'Batting_average', 'On_base_pct', 'Slugging_pct' and 'Fielding_ave' Notes: * Quotes, Single-Quotes and Backslashes were removed, Blanks replaced with Underscores * Player is an identifier that should be ignored when modelling the data 1 baseball public set the default target feature active Hall_of_Fame 0 2014-01-23T12:15:17Z 2015-01-15T15:32:45Z 11 1