2014-01-06T21:07:54Z Public sleep 2014-01-23T12:17:12Z 0 ARFF https://www.openml.org/data/download/3642/dataset_2191_sleep.arff 0 active 1 sleep corrected target 1 **Author**: llison, T. and Cicchetti, D.\ **Source**: StatLib\ Data from which conclusions were drawn in the article "Sleep in Mammals: Ecological and Constitutional Correlates" by Allison, T. and Cicchetti, D. (1976), _Science_, November 12, vol. 194, pp. 732-734. Includes brain and body weight, life span, gestation time, time sleeping, and predation and danger indices for 62 mammals. Variables below (from left to right) for Mammals Data Set: ``` species of animal body weight in kg brain weight in g slow wave ("nondreaming") sleep (hrs/day) paradoxical ("dreaming") sleep (hrs/day) total sleep (hrs/day) (sum of slow wave and paradoxical sleep) maximum life span (years) gestation time (days) predation index (1-5) 1 = minimum (least likely to be preyed upon) 5 = maximum (most likely to be preyed upon) sleep exposure index (1-5) 1 = least exposed (e.g. animal sleeps in a well-protected den) 5 = most exposed overall danger index (1-5) (based on the above two indices and other information) 1 = least danger (from other animals) 5 = most danger (from other animals) Note: Missing values denoted by -999.0 ``` For more details, see Allison, Truett and Cicchetti, Domenic V. (1976), "Sleep in Mammals: Ecological and Constitutional Correlates", _Science_, November 12, vol. 194, pp. 732-734. The above data set can be freely used for non-commercial purposes and can be freely distributed (permission in writing obtained from Dr. Truett Allison). Submitted by Roger Johnson Total sleep treated as the class attribute. Attributes for slow wave and paradoxical sleep have been deleted. (The animal's name has also been deleted.) danger_index 1 public