2 Public ARFF 1 1 2014-01-23T12:17:30Z public **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - **Please cite**: This data set concerns the study of the factors affecting patterns of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in children. The objective is to investigate the dependence of the level of serum C-peptide on the various other factors in order to understand the patterns of residual insulin secretion. The response measurement is the logarithm of C-peptide concentration (pmol/ml) at the diagnosis, and the predictor measurements age and base deficit, a measure of acidity. Source: collection of regression datasets by Luis Torgo (ltorgo@ncc.up.pt) at http://www.ncc.up.pt/~ltorgo/Regression/DataSets.html Original source: Book Generalized Additive Models (p.304) by Hastie & Tibshirani, Chapman & Hall. Characteristics: 43 cases; 3 continuous variables active 0 diabetes_numeric 0 c_peptide https://www.openml.org/data/download/3649/dataset_2198_diabetes_numeric.arff diabetes_numeric 2014-01-23T12:17:30Z