Public This dataset contains QSAR data (from ChEMBL version 17) showing activity values (unit is pseudo-pCI50) of several compounds on drug target ChEMBL_ID: CHEMBL5404 (TID: 101179), and it has 80 rows and 4 features (not including molecule IDs and class feature: molecule_id and pXC50). The features represent Basic Molecular Descriptors which were generated from SMILES strings. Missing value imputation was applied to this dataset (By choosing the Median). Feature selection was also applied. QSAR-DATASET-FOR-DRUG-TARGET-CHEMBL5404 deactivated 1 7 2016-01-14T13:22:26Z QSAR-DATASET-FOR-DRUG-TARGET-CHEMBL5404 public 0 0 2016-01-14T13:22:26Z ARFF pXC50