ARFF flags 103 public 8 active religion 2014-01-29T00:16:40Z 1 **Author**: Richard S. Forsyth **Source**: Unknown - 5/15/1990 **Please cite**: ARFF version of UCI dataset 'flags'. Creators: Collected primarily from the "Collins Gem Guide to Flags": Collins Publishers (1986). Donor: Richard S. Forsyth. Date 5/15/1990 This data file contains details of various nations and their flags. With this data you can try things like predicting the religion of a country from its size and the colours in its flag. 10 attributes are numeric-valued. The remainder are either Boolean- or nominal-valued. Number of Instances: 194. Number of attributes: 30 (overall). Missing values: none Attribute Information: 1. name Name of the country concerned 2. landmass 1=N.America, 2=S.America, 3=Europe, 4=Africa, 4=Asia, 6=Oceania 3. zone Geographic quadrant, based on Greenwich and the Equator 1=NE, 2=SE, 3=SW, 4=NW 4. area in thousands of square km 5. population in round millions 6. language 1=English, 2=Spanish, 3=French, 4=German, 5=Slavic, 6=Other Indo-European, 7=Chinese, 8=Arabic, 9=Japanese/Turkish/Finnish/Magyar, 10=Others 7. religion 0=Catholic, 1=Other Christian, 2=Muslim, 3=Buddhist, 4=Hindu, 5=Ethnic, 6=Marxist, 7=Others 8. bars Number of vertical bars in the flag 9. stripes Number of horizontal stripes in the flag 10. colours Number of different colours in the flag 11. red 0 if red absent, 1 if red present in the flag 12. green same for green 13. blue same for blue 14. gold same for gold (also yellow) 15. white same for white 16. black same for black 17. orange same for orange (also brown) 18. mainhue predominant colour in the flag (tie-breaks decided by taking the topmost hue, if that fails then the most central hue, and if that fails the leftmost hue) 19. circles Number of circles in the flag 20. crosses Number of (upright) crosses 21. saltires Number of diagonal crosses 22. quarters Number of quartered sections 23. sunstars Number of sun or star symbols 24. crescent 1 if a crescent moon symbol present, else 0 25. triangle 1 if any triangles present, 0 otherwise 26. icon 1 if an inanimate image present (e.g., a boat), otherwise 0 27. animate 1 if an animate image (e.g., an eagle, a tree, a human hand) present, 0 otherwise 28. text 1 if any letters or writing on the flag (e.g., a motto or slogan), 0 otherwise 29. topleft colour in the top-left corner (moving right to decide tie-breaks) 30. botright Colour in the bottom-left corner (moving left to decide tie-breaks) flags Public 0 2014-01-14T01:51:31Z