ARFF 2014-01-06T22:19:30Z active class 2014-01-06T22:19:30Z 16 labor **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - **Please cite**: Date: Tue, 15 Nov 88 15:44:08 EST From: stan <stan@csi2.UofO.EDU> To: aha@ICS.UCI.EDU 1. Title: Final settlements in labor negotitions in Canadian industry 2. Source Information -- Creators: Collective Barganing Review, montly publication, Labour Canada, Industrial Relations Information Service, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0J2, Canada, (819) 997-3117 The data includes all collective agreements reached in the business and personal services sector for locals with at least 500 members (teachers, nurses, university staff, police, etc) in Canada in 87 and first quarter of 88. -- Donor: Stan Matwin, Computer Science Dept, University of Ottawa, 34 Somerset East, K1N 9B4, (stan@uotcsi2.bitnet) -- Date: November 1988 3. Past Usage: -- testing concept learning software, in particular an experimental method to learn two-tiered concept descriptions. The data was used to learn the description of an acceptable and unacceptable contract. The unacceptable contracts were either obtained by interviewing experts, or by inventing near misses. Examples of use are described in: Bergadano, F., Matwin, S., Michalski, R., Zhang, J., Measuring Quality of Concept Descriptions, Procs. of the 3rd European Working Sessions on Learning, Glasgow, October 1988. Bergadano, F., Matwin, S., Michalski, R., Zhang, J., Representing and Acquiring Imprecise and Context-dependent Concepts in Knowledge-based Systems, Procs. of ISMIS'88, North Holland, 1988. 4. Relevant Information: -- data was used to test 2tier approach with learning from positive and negative examples 5. Number of Instances: 57 6. Number of Attributes: 16 7. Attribute Information: 1. dur: duration of agreement [1..7] 2 wage1.wage : wage increase in first year of contract [2.0 .. 7.0] 3 wage2.wage : wage increase in second year of contract [2.0 .. 7.0] 4 wage3.wage : wage increase in third year of contract [2.0 .. 7.0] 5 cola : cost of living allowance [none, tcf, tc] 6 hours.hrs : number of working hours during week [35 .. 40] 7 pension : employer contributions to pension plan [none, ret_allw, empl_contr] 8 stby_pay : standby pay [2 .. 25] 9 shift_diff : shift differencial : supplement for work on II and III shift [1 .. 25] 10 educ_allw.boolean : education allowance [true false] 11 holidays : number of statutory holidays [9 .. 15] 12 vacation : number of paid vacation days [ba, avg, gnr] 13 lngtrm_disabil.boolean : employer's help during employee longterm disabil ity [true , false] 14 dntl_ins : employers contribution towards the dental plan [none, half, full] 15 bereavement.boolean : employer's financial contribution towards the covering the costs of bereavement [true , false] 16 empl_hplan : employer's contribution towards the health plan [none, half, full] 8. Missing Attribute Values: None 9. Class Distribution: 10. Exceptions from format instructions: no commas between attribute values. 1 labor 7681 Public 1 public 0