ARFF **Author**: Breiman,L., Friedman,J.H., Olshen,R.A., and Stone,C.J. **Source**: [UCI](, [KEEL](, - 1988 **Please cite**: [UCI]( **LED display data set** This simple domain contains 7 Boolean attributes and 10 classes, the set of decimal digits. Recall that LED displays contain 7 light-emitting diodes -- hence the reason for 7 attributes. The class attribute is an integer ranging between 0 and 9 inclusive, representing the possible digits show on the display. The problem would be easy if not for the introduction of noise. In this case, each attribute value has the 10% probability of having its value inverted. It's valuable to know the optimal Bayes rate for these databases. In this case, the misclassification rate is 26% (74% classification accuracy). ### Attribute Information * V1-V7 represent each of the 7 LEDs, with values either 0 or 1, according to whether the corresponding light is on or not for the decimal digit. Each has a 10% percent chance of being inverted. Class Public 0 9 1 13006 LED-display-domain-7digit public 2016-01-29T19:36:10Z 1 LED-display-domain-7digit 2016-01-29T19:36:10Z active