ARFF 2016-01-07T13:35:35Z 1 2016-01-07T13:35:35Z treepipit treepipit public GPL-2 Data on the population density of tree pipits, Anthus trivialis, in Franconian oak forests including variables describing the forest ecosystem. This data is taken from R package coin. This study is based on fieldwork conducted in three lowland oak forests in the Franconian region of northern Bavaria close to Uffenheim, Germany. Diurnal breeding birds were sampled five times, from March to June 2002, using a quantitative grid mapping. Each grid was a one-hectare square. In total, 86 sample sites were established in 9 stands. All individuals were counted in time intervals of 7 min/grid during slow walks along the middle of the grid with a stop in the centre. Environmental factors were measured for each grid. active counts 0 0 2