0 0 public CPMP-2015-runtime-classification 2019-01-19T11:34:25Z 13 Public ARFF active https://www.openml.org/data/download/21378712/file248cdf4cb6.arff CPMP-2015-runtime-classification algorithm 1 source: An Algorithm Selection Benchmark for the Container Pre-Marshalling Problem (CPMP) authors: K. Tierney and Y. Malitsky (features) / K. Tierney and D. Pacino and S. Voss (algorithms) translator in coseal format: K. Tierney This is an extension of the 2013 premarshalling dataset that includes more features and a set of test instances. There are three sets of features: feature_values.arff contains the full set of features from iteration 2 of our latent feature analysis (LFA) process (see paper) feature_values_itr1.arff contains only the features after iteration 1 of LFA feature_values_orig.arff containers the features used in PREMARHSALLING-ASTAR-2013 We also provide test data with an identical naming scheme (see _test). The features for the pre-marshalling problem are all extremely easy and fast to compute, thus the feature_costs.arff file has been omitted, as it would be time 0 for every feature (regardless of using original, iteration 1 or iteration 2 features). The feature computation code is available at https://bitbucket.org/eusorpb/cpmp-as Note: previously the scenario was called PREMARSHALLING-ASTAR-2015. To save same space, we renamed the scenario. 2019-01-19T11:34:25Z