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Employee remuneration and expenses (earning over 75,000CAD per year). This data set includes remuneration and expenses from employees earning over 75,000CAD per year. Attributes: NAME: Name of employee listed by last name, followed by initials of first name and middle name (if applicable) DEPARTMENT: Name of an organization unit at the City of Vancouver where specified Title belongs TITLE: Name of position REMUNERATION: Includes salary, overtime, gratuity and vacation payouts. Excludes severance payment. EXPENSES: Includes charges such as training, tuition, conferences and travel and professional dues

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remuneration (target)numeric2498 unique values
2 missing
namestring2620 unique values
3 missing
departmentstring15 unique values
3 missing
titlenominal639 unique values
3 missing
expensesstring612 unique values
3 missing

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