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This dataset reflects incidents of crime in the City of Los Angeles dating back to 2010. This data is transcribed from original crime reports that are typed on paper and therefore there may be some inaccuracies within the data. Address fields are only provided to the nearest hundred block in order to maintain privacy. This data is as accurate as the data in the database. Please note questions or concerns in the comments.

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Crime_Code_1 (target)numeric146 unique values
6 missing
DR_Numbernumeric1598468 unique values
0 missing
Date_Reportedstring2830 unique values
0 missing
Date_Occurredstring2830 unique values
0 missing
Time_Occurrednumeric1438 unique values
0 missing
Area_IDnumeric21 unique values
0 missing
Area_Namenominal21 unique values
0 missing
Reporting_Districtnumeric1282 unique values
0 missing
Crime_Codenumeric139 unique values
0 missing
Crime_Code_Descriptionnominal135 unique values
428 missing
MO_Codesstring351242 unique values
173255 missing
Victim_Agenumeric90 unique values
129643 missing
Victim_Sexnominal5 unique values
146540 missing
Victim_Descentnominal20 unique values
146573 missing
Premise_Codenumeric300 unique values
76 missing
Premise_Descriptionnominal210 unique values
3171 missing
Weapon_Used_Codenumeric80 unique values
1069080 missing
Weapon_Descriptionnominal79 unique values
1069081 missing
Status_Codestring9 unique values
2 missing
Status_Descriptionnominal6 unique values
0 missing
Crime_Code_2numeric139 unique values
1497504 missing
Crime_Code_3numeric53 unique values
1596256 missing
Crime_Code_4numeric11 unique values
1598397 missing
Addressstring71088 unique values
0 missing
Cross_Streetstring11166 unique values
1333217 missing
Location_string60689 unique values
9 missing

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