public 0 youtube-spam-katyperry 1 active 2021-01-19T18:39:08Z 2021-01-19T18:39:08Z 1 youtube-spam-katyperry CC-BY 0 arff **Author**: Unknown **Source**: [UCI]( - 2017 **Please cite***: [Paper]( **YouTube Spam Collection Katy Perry dataset** It is a public set of comments collected for spam research. It has five datasets composed by 1,956 real messages extracted from five videos that were among the 10 most viewed on the collection period. This dataset only contains information about Katy Perry. It consists of 175 spam entries and 175 ham entries, leading to a grand total of 350 samples. ### Attribute information The collection is composed by one CSV file per dataset, where each line has the following attributes: COMMENT_ID,AUTHOR,DATE,CONTENT,TAG 0