WaveformDatabaseGenerator WaveformDatabaseGenerator https://www.openml.org/data/download/1798820/phphT9Lee ARFF 0 2016-01-17T13:42:51Z 1 active 2016-01-17T13:42:51Z Public public Abstract: CART book's waveform domains Source: Original Owners: Breiman,L., Friedman,J.H., Olshen,R.A., & Stone,C.J. (1984). Classification and Regression Trees. Wadsworth International Group: Belmont, California. (see pages 43-49). Donor: David Aha Data Set Information: Notes: -- 3 classes of waves -- 21 attributes, all of which include noise -- See the book for details (49-55, 169) -- waveform.data.Z contains 5000 instances Attribute Information: -- Each class is generated from a combination of 2 of 3 "base" waves -- Each instance is generated f added noise (mean 0, variance 1) in each attribute -- See the book for details (49-55, 169) Relevant Papers: Leo Breiman, Jerome H. Friedman, Adam Olshen, Jonathan Stone. "Classification and Regression Trees." 1984. [Web Link] Citation Request: Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy 1 3