0 0 0 wind_correlations ARFF 2014-01-28T23:06:42Z https://www.openml.org/data/download/52605/wind_correlations.arff wind_correlations 2014-01-28T23:06:42Z 1 **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - Date unknown **Please cite**: These data are estimated correlations between daily 3 p.m. wind measurements during September and October 1997 for a network of 45 stations in the Sydney region. The first column below gives a list of station latitudes, the second gives a list of station longitudes, and the remaining 45 columns give the 45 x 45 spatial correlation matrix of the station measurements. Further details about the data are contained in the following technical report: Nott and Dunsmuir (1998) ``Analysis of Spatial Covariance Structure from Monitoring Data,'' Technical Report, Department of Statistics, University of New South Wales. Email djn@maths.unsw.edu.au with any questions or to obtain a copy of the latest version of the above report. Information about the dataset CLASSTYPE: numeric CLASSINDEX: none specific active Public public