balloon 2 Public active balloon residual **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - Date unknown **Please cite**: The data consist of 2001 observations taken from a balloon about 30 kilometres above the surface of the earth. In the section of the flight shown here the balloon increases in height. As radiation increases with height there is a non-decreasing trend in the data. The outliers are caused by the fact that the balloon slowly rotates, causing the ropes from which the measuring instrument is suspended to cut off the direct radiation from the sun. The first column contains the raw data, the second column the residuals after the removal of a non-decreasing trend. Reference: Davies, L. and Gather, U. (1993), "The Identification of Multiple Outliers" (discussion paper), to appear in JASA. Mailing address: Laurie Davies Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Essen Fachbereich 6 Mathematik Universitaetsstrasse 3 D-4300 Essen 1 Germany Information about the dataset CLASSTYPE: numeric CLASSINDEX: last 0 2015-01-15T16:23:57Z ARFF id is a row id 1 public 2014-01-28T23:07:30Z 1