1 1 ARFF public 2014-01-06T22:23:39Z 6 8045 2014-01-06T22:23:39Z iris 96 active Public https://www.openml.org/data/download/61/dataset_61_iris.arff iris class **Author**: R.A. Fisher **Source**: [UCI](https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Iris) - 1936 - Donated by Michael Marshall **Please cite**: **Iris Plants Database** This is perhaps the best known database to be found in the pattern recognition literature. Fisher's paper is a classic in the field and is referenced frequently to this day. (See Duda & Hart, for example.) The data set contains 3 classes of 50 instances each, where each class refers to a type of iris plant. One class is linearly separable from the other 2; the latter are NOT linearly separable from each other. Predicted attribute: class of iris plant. This is an exceedingly simple domain. ### Attribute Information: 1. sepal length in cm 2. sepal width in cm 3. petal length in cm 4. petal width in cm 5. class: -- Iris Setosa -- Iris Versicolour -- Iris Virginica