0 active subj is a row id Public 0 hutsof99_child_witness 0 https://www.openml.org/data/download/52996/hutsof99_child_witness.arff acc 2015-01-15T16:30:52Z **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - Date unknown **Please cite**: Graeme D. Hutcheson and Nick Sofroniou 1999 The Multivariate Social Scientist: Introductory Statistics Using Generalized Linear Models. SAGE Publications. Copyright: Graeme D. Hutcheson & Nick Sofroniou, 1999 This software can be freely used for non-commercial purposes and can be freely distributed. Readme file =========== The data sets in this directory are taken from the above book. The data are presented in two formats, *.dat (ascii) and *.por (SPSS portable). The GLIM code and macros are provided in files *.glm and *.mac. Please read the errata file which indicates some minor differences between these data sets and those reported in the book. DATA FILE SOURCE IN BOOK DESCRIPTION Chapter 1 tab1_01.* Table 1.1 Video Games and Hostility Chapter 2 tab2_01.* Table 2.1 Normal Errors tab2_02.* Table 2.2 Skewed Errors tab2_03.* Table 2.3 Curvilinearity Chapter 3 tab3_01.* Table 3.1 Two Simple Models tab3_05.* Table 3.5 Cost and Sound Quality tab3_07.* Table 3.7 Exam marks and College Offers tab3_11.* Table 3.11 Quality of Children's Testimonies Age: 5-6 = 0; 8-9 = 1 Gender: female = 0; male = 1 Location: 1 = home; 2 = school; 3 = police interview 4 = special interview tab3_11d.* Table 3.11 Data in Table 3.11 with indicator dummy codes added Chapter 4 tab4_01.* Table 4.1 Infection Severity and Treatment Outcome Treatment Outcome: 0 = survived 1 = died tab4_14.* Table 4.14 Infection severity, Treatment outcome and Hospital Attended Hospital: 1 = hospital A 2 = hospital B 3 = hospital C tab4.14d.* Table 4.14 Infection severity, Treatment outcome and Hospital Attended including dummy codes logis.* Child witness data: copy of tab3_11, but includes prosecution logis_d.* Child witness data: copy of tab3_11d, but includes prosecution logis.por and logis_d.por provide the data to obtain the parameters calculated in the book (pages 147 to 152). It should be noted that these differ slightly to the parameters obtained using the data sets logis.dat and logis_d.dat, as the *.dat files only record the variable 'coherence' to 2 decimal places. Chapter 5 tab5_01.* Table 5.1 Job Satisfaction for doctors and dentists tab5_04.* Table 5.4 Race, Housing and Illness tab5_07.* Table 5.7 Dopamine and psychosis: integer scoring tab5_08.* Table 5.8 Dopamine and psychosis: mid-ranks scoring tab5_10.* Table 5.10 Treatment and Depression: integer scoring tab5_11.* Table 5.11 Treatment and depression: mid-ranks scoring tab5_13.* Table 5.13 Alcohol consumption and Libido: integer scores tab5_16.* Table 5.16 Alcohol consumption and libido: low vs medium or high tab5_17.* Table 5.17 Alcohol consumption and libido: medium vs high Chapter 6 tab6_11.* Table 6.11 Child witness example data set File: ../data/hutsof99/tab6_11.dat Note: changes from Errata.txt where not included! Information about the dataset CLASSTYPE: numeric CLASSINDEX: none specific ARFF hutsof99_child_witness public 2014-01-04T12:54:44Z 1