Public set target feature visualizing_ethanol visualizing_ethanol public 2014-01-07T01:44:47Z E **Author**: **Source**: Unknown - Date unknown **Please cite**: This S dump contains 22 data sets from the book Visualizing Data published by Hobart Press ( The dump was created by data.dump() and can be read back into S by data.restore(). The name of each S data set is the name of the data set used in the book. To find the description of the data set in the book look under the entry - data, name - in the index. For example, one data set is barley. To find the description of barley, look in the index under the entry - data, barley. File: ../data/visualizing/ethanol.csv Information about the dataset CLASSTYPE: numeric CLASSINDEX: none specific 0 2014-01-04T12:55:08Z active 2 ARFF 0 1