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Joao Gama (2004). Functional Trees. Niels Landwehr, Mark Hall, Eibe Frank (2005). Logistic Model Trees.


AThe AIC is used to choose the best iteration.
BBinary splits (convert nominal attributes to binary ones)
FSet Funtional Tree type to be generate: 0 for FT, 1 for FTLeaves and 2 for FTInnerdefault: 0
ISet fixed number of iterations for LogitBoost (instead of using cross-validation)default: 15
MSet minimum number of instances at which a node can be split (default 15)default: 15
PUse error on probabilities instead of misclassification error for stopping criterion of LogitBoost.
WSet beta for weight trimming for LogitBoost. Set to 0 (default) for no weight trimming.default: 0.0


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