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Rong-En Fan, Kai-Wei Chang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Xiang-Rui Wang, Chih-Jen Lin (2008). LIBLINEAR - A Library for Large Linear Classification. URL http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~cjlin/liblinear/.


-do-not-check-capabilitiesIf set, classifier capabilities are not checked before classifier is built (use with caution).
BAdd Bias term with the given value if >= 0; if < 0, no bias term added (default: 1)default: 1.0
CSet the cost parameter C (default: 1)default: 1.0
ESet tolerance of termination criterion (default: 0.01)default: 0.01
MTurn off missing value replacement. WARNING: use only if your data has no missing values.
NTurn on nominal to binary conversion.
PUse probability estimation (default: off) currently for L2-regularized logistic regression, L1-regularized logistic regression or L2-regularized logistic regression (dual)!
SSet type of solver (default: 1) for multi-class classification 0 -- L2-regularized logistic regression (primal) 1 -- L2-regularized L2-loss support vector classification (dual) 2 -- L2-regularized L2-loss support vector classification (primal) 3 -- L2-regularized L1-loss support vector classification (dual) 4 -- support vector classification by Crammer and Singer 5 -- L1-regularized L2-loss support vector classification 6 -- L1-regularized logistic regression 7 -- L2-regularized logistic regression (dual) for regression 11 -- L2-regularized L2-loss support vector regression (primal) 12 -- L2-regularized L2-loss support vector regression (dual) 13 -- L2-regularized L1-loss support vector regression (dual)default: 1
WSet the parameters C of class i to weight[i]*C (default: 1)
ZTurn on normalization of input data (default: off)
output-debug-infoIf set, classifier is run in debug mode and may output additional info to the console


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