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R. Kohavi (1995). Wrappers for Performance Enhancement and Oblivious Decision Graphs. Department of Computer Science, Stanford University.


Wweka.ZeroR(1)Full name of base classifier. (default: weka.classifiers.rules.ZeroR)


DIf set, classifier is run in debug mode and may output additional info to the console
PClassifier parameter options. eg: "N 1 5 10" Sets an optimisation parameter for the classifier with name -N, with lower bound 1, upper bound 5, and 10 optimisation steps. The upper bound may be the character 'A' or 'I' to substitute the number of attributes or instances in the training data, respectively. This parameter may be supplied more than once to optimise over several classifier options simultaneously.
SRandom number seed. (default 1)default: 1
WFull name of base classifier. (default: weka.classifiers.rules.ZeroR)default: weka.classifiers.rules.ZeroR
XNumber of folds used for cross validation (default 10).default: 10


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