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Weka implementation of MathExpression


ESpecify the expression to apply. Eg. pow(A,6)/(MEAN+MAX) Supported operators are +, -, *, /, pow, log, abs, cos, exp, sqrt, tan, sin, ceil, floor, rint, (, ), MEAN, MAX, MIN, SD, COUNT, SUM, SUMSQUARED, ifelse. The 'A' letter refers to the value of the attribute being processed. Other attribute values (numeric only) can be accessed through the variables A1, A2, A3, ...default: (A-MIN)/(MAX-MIN)
RSpecify list of columns to ignore. First and last are valid indexes. (default none)
VInvert matching sense (i.e. only modify specified columns)
unset-class-temporarilyUnsets the class index temporarily before the filter is applied to the data. (default: no)


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