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Alexander Genkin, David D. Lewis, David Madigan (2004). Large-scale bayesian logistic regression for text categorization. URL http://www.stat.rutgers.edu/~madigan/PAPERS/shortFat-v3a.pdf.


DShow Debugging Outputdefault: true
FNumber Of Folds (use in conjuction with -H 2) (default: 2)default: 2
HHyperparameter Selection Method (1=Norm-based, 2=CV-based, 3=specific value) (default: 1=Norm-based)default: 1
IMax Number of Iterations (default: 100)default: 100
NNormalize the datadefault: true
PDistribution of the Prior (1=Gaussian, 2=Laplacian) (default: 1=Gaussian)default: 1
RHyperparameter Range (use in conjunction with -H 2) (format: R:start-end,multiplier OR L:val(1), val(2), ..., val(n)) (default: R:0.01-316,3.16)default: R:0.01-316,3.16
SThreshold Value (default: 0.5)default: 0.5
TlTolerance Value (default: 0.0005)default: 5.0E-4
VSpecified Hyperparameter Value (use in conjunction with -H 3) (default: 0.27)default: 0.27
seedSeed for randomizing instances order in CV-based hyperparameter selection (default: 1)default: 1


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