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Histogram-based Gradient Boosting Classification Tree. This estimator is much faster than :class:`GradientBoostingClassifier` for big datasets (n_samples >= 10 000). This estimator has native support for missing values (NaNs). During training, the tree grower learns at each split point whether samples with missing values should go to the left or right child, based on the potential gain. When predicting, samples with missing values are assigned to the left or right child consequently. If no missing values were encountered for a given feature during training, then samples with missing values are mapped to whichever child has the most samples. This implementation is inspired by `LightGBM `_. .. note:: This estimator is still experimental for now: the predictions and the API might change without any deprecation cycle. To use it, you need to explicitly import ``enable_hist_gradient_boosting``:: >>> # explicit...



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