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Weka implementation of AutoWEKAClassifier


-do-not-check-capabilitiesIf set, classifier capabilities are not checked before classifier is built (use with caution).
batch-sizeThe desired batch size for batch prediction (default 100).
memLimitThe memory limit for runs in MiB. (default: 1024)default: 1024
metricThe metric to optimise. (default: errorRate)default: errorRate
nBestConfigsThe amount of best configurations to output. (default: 1)default: 1
num-decimal-placesThe number of decimal places for the output of numbers in the model (default 2).
output-debug-infoIf set, classifier is run in debug mode and may output additional info to the console
parallelRunsThe number of parallel runs. EXPERIMENTAL. (default: 1)default: 1
seedThe seed for the random number generator. (default: 123)default: 123
timeLimitThe time limit for tuning in minutes (approximately). (default: 15)default: 15


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