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Huma Lodhi, Craig Saunders, John Shawe-Taylor, Nello Cristianini, Christopher J. C. H. Watkins (2002). Text Classification using String Kernels. Journal of Machine Learning Research. 2:419-444. F. Kleedorfer, A. Seewald (2005). Implementation of a String Kernel for WEKA. Wien, Austria.


CThe size of the cache (a prime number). (default: 250007)default: 250007
DEnables debugging output (if available) to be printed. (default: off)
ICThe size of the internal cache (a prime number). (default: 200003)default: 200003
LThe lambda constant. Penalizes non-continuous subsequence matches. Must be in (0,1). (default: 0.5)default: 0.5
NUse normalization. (default: no)
PThe pruning method to use: 0 = No pruning 1 = Lambda pruning (default: 0)default: 0
no-checksTurns off all checks - use with caution! (default: checks on)
sslThe length of the subsequence. (default: 3)default: 3
ssl-maxThe maximum length of the subsequence. (default: 9)default: 9


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