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Wang, Y (2000). A new approach to fitting linear models in high dimensional spaces. Hamilton, New Zealand. Wang, Y., Witten, I. H.: Modeling for optimal probability prediction. In: Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference in Machine Learning, Sydney, Australia, 650-657, 2002.


DProduce debugging output. (default no debugging output)
EThe estimator can be one of the following: eb -- Empirical Bayes estimator for noraml mixture (default) nested -- Optimal nested model selector for normal mixture subset -- Optimal subset selector for normal mixture pace2 -- PACE2 for Chi-square mixture pace4 -- PACE4 for Chi-square mixture pace6 -- PACE6 for Chi-square mixture ols -- Ordinary least squares estimator aic -- AIC estimator bic -- BIC estimator ric -- RIC estimator olsc -- Ordinary least squares subset selector with a thresholddefault: true
SThreshold value for the OLSC estimator


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