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Weka implementation of RandomSearch


DWhether to enable debugging output. (default off)
num-foldsThe number of cross-validation folds for the search space. Numbers smaller than 2 turn off cross-validation and just perform evaluation on the training set. (default: 2)default: 2
num-iterationsThe number parameter settings that are tried (i.e., number of points in the search space are checked). (default: 100)default: 100
num-slotsNumber of execution slots. (default 1 - i.e. no parallelism)default: 1
sample-sizeThe size (in percent) of the sample to search the inital space with. (default: 100)default: 100.0
seedThe random seed
test-setThe (optional) test set to use for the search space. Gets ignored if pointing to a file. Overrides cross-validation. (default: .)default: .


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