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A RapidMiner Operator


decayIndicates if the learning rate should be decreased during learninghdefault: false
error_epsilonThe optimization is stopped if the training error gets below this epsilon value.default: 1.0E-5
hidden_layersDescribes the name and the size of all hidden layers.
learning_rateThe learning rate determines by how much we change the weights at each step. May not be 0.default: 0.3
local_random_seedSpecifies the local random seeddefault: 1992
momentumThe momentum simply adds a fraction of the previous weight update to the current one (prevent local maxima and smoothes optimization directions).default: 0.2
normalizeIndicates if the input data should be normalized between -1 and +1 before learning (increases runtime but is in most cases necessary)default: true
shuffleIndicates if the input data should be shuffled before learning (increases memory usage but is recommended if data is sorted before)default: true
training_cyclesThe number of training cycles used for the neural network training.default: 500
use_local_random_seedIndicates if a local random seed should be used.default: false


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