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Moa implementation of RuleClassifier


csplitConfidence: The allowable error in split decision, values closer to 0 will take longer to decide.default: 1.0E-6
ggracePeriod: The number of instances a leaf should observe between split attempts.default: 200
ianomalyThreshold: The threshold value to be used in the anomaly detection.default: 15
kprobabilityThreshold: The threshold value.default: 0.1
munsupervised: unsupervised.default: false
nsupervised: supervised.default: false
oanomalyprobabilityThreshold: The threshold value.default: 0.99
pPmin: Percentage of the total number of example seen in the node.default: 0.1
rorderedRules: orderedRules.default: false
ttieThreshold: Threshold below which a split will be forced to break ties.default: 0.05
uanomalyDetection: anomaly Detection.default: false
zpredictionFunctionOption: The prediction function to use.default: firstHit


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