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A RapidMiner Flow


LogisticRegressionSVM__CThe SVM complexity constant. Use -1 for different C values for positive and negative.default: 1.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__calculate_weightsIndicates if attribute weights should be returned.default: true
LogisticRegressionSVM__convergence_epsilonPrecision on the KKT conditionsdefault: 0.001
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_aThe SVM kernel parameter a.default: 1.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_bThe SVM kernel parameter b.default: 0.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_cacheSize of the cache for kernel evaluations im MBdefault: 200
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_degreeThe SVM kernel parameter degree.default: 2.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_gammaThe SVM kernel parameter gamma.default: 1.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_shiftThe SVM kernel parameter shift.default: 1.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_sigma1The SVM kernel parameter sigma1.default: 1.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_sigma2The SVM kernel parameter sigma2.default: 0.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_sigma3The SVM kernel parameter sigma3.default: 2.0
LogisticRegressionSVM__kernel_typeThe SVM kernel typedefault: dot
LogisticRegressionSVM__max_iterationsStop after this many iterationsdefault: 100000
LogisticRegressionSVM__return_optimization_performanceIndicates if final optimization fitness should be returned as performance.default: true
LogisticRegressionSVM__scaleScale the example values and store the scaling parameters for test set.default: true


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